Only 1% of the available data is used
Take advantage of the other 99% to discover opportunities and prevent risk

Augmented intelligence for your company

In a world awash in data, many struggle to extract useful information to use for competitive advantage. To do it efficiently and in a timely manner, you can count on Squirro's augmented intelligence capabilities.

Squirro Insights Engine augments search technology with artificial intelligence to address any challenge related to data collection, analysis, search, and data visualization.

Squirro AI Studio covers all stages of the machine learning cycle, giving users the ability to easily work with their chosen models through a simple and intuitive user interface and toolset.

Augmented Intelligence solutions combine the power of Insights Engine and AI Studio to provide specific vertical solutions for sales, marketing, service, risk, operations, and IT.

With advanced analysis of unstructured information, your own or that of third parties, Squirro allows you to find new business opportunities, learn more about your clients and detect risk situations in advance.
  • Increase business opportunities and generate more revenue
  • Stay ahead of the competition with personalized service to each client
  • A complete 360-degree view of each customer
  • Save hundreds of hours on manual research
Küdaw helps companies unleash the value of their data with knowledge of the tools and use cases that accelerate time to profit. Küdaw can accompany your company with consulting, services and accelerating solutions for the business. Contact us to find out how Küdaw can help you develop your analytical superpower.
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Augmented intelligence to discover what's important in the sea of information

Squirro is designed to work with large volumes of data to identify the first signs of opportunities, risks or service problems. By doing so, you gain a deeper insight into your customers with the potential for higher profitability.

Put your data into action

Lean on Küdaw to bring your data to life, to make decisions quickly with data-driven actions

Küdaw Cloudera Professional Services

Küdaw has high quality professional services

- Integration with data source platforms
- Implementation of security environments
- Development of machine learning models by Industry
- Specialized support

Professional services are an important part of our clients' success as they allow you to make the most of your investment in the Squirro platform.

Küdaw has undergone rigorous training and certification examinations so that its professional services meet the highest level of demand and quality. In addition, Kudaw is a partner of Squirro.

Contact us to help you get the best benefits from this platform and choose the model that best suits your business strategy.

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