Splunk,machine data platform

Drive results in IT, DevOps and Security

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Exploits the large volumes of data generated by applications, systems and IT infrastructure

Splunk captures, indexes and correlates data in real time, storing everything in a repository where you can search and analyze, generate dashboards and create user-defined alerts. Splunk also has dedicated premium apps that quickly solve IT services intelligence, Cybersecurity, and DevOps challenges, among others.

Küdaw has the highest level of Splunk partner and its professional services have undergone a rigorous Splunk certification (Kudaw partner Elite & Profesional Services: Qualified). The deep knowledge of its tools and more than 10 years of experience with Splunk guarantee us. Küdaw offers Splunk licensing and professional services in Latin America, in Spanish and English

Splunk Phantom
Splunk SIEM


Get to know what is happening in real time

Get a complete view of all relevant data from your organization's systems, devices, and interactions.

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Características y Beneficios de Splunk  
Características y Beneficios de Splunk  

Positive impact on your entire organization

Unleash the true power of your data with solutions that empower the people in your company to investigate, monitor, analyze and act.

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Splunk Enterprise

You have the data, Splunk has the answers

Splunk®Enterprise and Splunk Cloud provide massive scale and speed to deliver you the real-time information you need to drive productivity, security, profitability and competitiveness.

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Splunk Enterprise
Splunk for IT Operations & Observability

Splunk for IT Operations & Observability

Stay operational and obtain efficiencies in the operation

Optimize IT costs and get answers from your data. Redefine IT operations with Splunk for end-to-end insights.

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Splunk for Security

Get to know what you don't know so far

Take advantage of a single source of information to make faster and better security decisions. Anticipate threats with advanced detection and analytics-based response.

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Splunk for Security
Splunk Phantom

Splunk Phantom 

Security Orchestration & Automation

Automate security

Harness the full power of your existing security investments, with intelligent orchestration, automation, and responses.

With Splunk Phantom, execute actions in seconds, not hours.

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Kudaw Splunk Professional Services

Get Predictable Results with an Expert Splunk Partner

Consulting services, development, installation and support from professionals with high quality standards and Splunk certification.

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Splunk Servicios Profesionales

Splunk Licensing Options

Splunk and Premium Tools adjust to different subscription schemes based on your need

  • Prices by volume of intake. Traditional pricing model measured in GB / day of intake. Get the most value from ingested data at no additional cost per user or infrastructure.
  • Prices by size of the infrastructure. Choose metrics based on computing power at no additional cost for ingest data volume. Available for cloud and on-premises products, including Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Enterprise Security, and Splunk IT Service Intelligence.
  • Predictive prices. Take advantage of simple, tiered pricing options that scale predictably. Available for Splunk Enterprise, Splunk Enterprise Security, and Splunk IT Service Intelligence.
  • Rapid adoption packages. Accelerate your data journey with rapid adoption packages designed for frequently used IT and security use cases. Get started quickly and scale with other pricing options.

From USD 4.000 / week + taxes

Annual license subscription for indexing 1GB of data per day.

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Küdaw Splunk Professional services


- Installation (Splunk Core and Premium Applications).
- Integration with Other Data Platforms.
- Consulting and Optimization of the platform.
- Migration of versions, Platform and strategy in the Cloud.
- Consultation and Response to problems in your installation.
- Specialized support.
- Development of Machine Learning Model for Splunk

Desde USD 4.000 / week + taxes

Professional services are an important part of our clients' success as they allow you to get the most out of your investment in Splunk's analytics platform. Splunk rates its partners for their capabilities to provide implementation, administration, onboarding and dashboarding services, through the PS QUALIFIED certification program.

Küdaw has undergone rigorous training and certification examinations so that its professional services meet the highest level of demand and quality. In addition, Kudaw is a Splunk Elite Partner, the highest level of Splunk partner.

Contact us to help you get the best benefits from this platform and choose the model that best suits your business strategy.

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Küdaw Splunk Certifications

Küdaw has an extensive list of certifications that allows it to deliver qualified professional services in Latin America and in Spanish.

Also at Küdaw, we have the highest level of Splunk partner

Splunk Partner
Splunk Partner 2