Splunk Phantom

Unleash the potential of your security investments with orchestration and automatic response

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Automated platform for your business security

Take action in seconds, not hours, to keep your organization and digital assets protected.

Splunk Phantom combines incident response with orchestration and automation on a single platform. It also allows defining and documenting processes, workflows and applying automated assistance to human security analysis and operation tasks.

  • Response and activity orchestration through pre-designed workflows
  • Visual playbook editor
  • Supports mobile platforms on Android and iOS
  • Integration with multiple APIs and external tools
  • Integrated collaborative communication environment
  • Automatic event prioritization
  • Follow-up and continuous monitoring of cases
  • Measurement and reporting of all activities to provide human supervision and auditing

Küdaw helps companies unleash the value of their data with knowledge of the tools and use cases that accelerate time to profit. Küdaw can accompany your company with consulting, services and accelerating solutions for the business. Contact us to find out how Küdaw can help you develop your analytical superpower.
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Automation and orchestration a better prevention and reaction in safety

Splunk Phantom decreases incident response times, leveraging and fully leveraging security investments. Through its use, you can drastically reduce the time invested in repetitive activities, orchestrating and standardizing the way in which incidents and routine prevention and reaction activities are responded to.
With Splunk Phantom it is possible to operate SOCs with better levels of technical updating, substantially improving risk management.

Put your data into action

Lean on Küdaw to bring your data to life, to make decisions quickly with data-driven actions.

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Servicios Profesionales Küdaw Splunk Phantom 


- Diagnostic analytical environments based on Splunk
- Integration with other data platforms
- Implementation of analytical security environments with Splunk
- Integration of data to analytical tools
- Development of machine learning Models by Industry
- Specialized support
- Up to 2 devices

From USD 6.000  + taxes

Professional services are an important part of our clients' success as they allow you to get the most out of your investment in Splunk's Phantom analytics platform. Splunk rates its partners for their capabilities to provide implementation, administration, onboarding and dashboarding services, through the PS QUALIFIED certification program.

Küdaw has undergone rigorous training and certification examinations so that its professional services meet the highest level of demand and quality. In addition, Kudaw is a Splunk Elite Partner, the highest level of Splunk partner.

Contact us to help you get the best benefits from this platform and choose the model that best suits your business strategy.

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