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Data-Driven Digital Transformation

The analysis of real-time data and the integration of historical information makes it possible to detect sales, efficiency or service opportunities early, as well as to proactively manage risk situations.

Küdaw offers more than 12 use cases for the retail and massive consume industry, using big data tools, artificial intelligence techniques and advanced analytics, which allows to data based management.

The available use cases allow to accelerate the obtaining of benefits and are mainly aimed at:
  • Stores
  • Wholesale and retail
  • Product distributors
Optimización de campañas

Campaign Optimization

Experiencia y vinculación al cliente

Customer Experience 

Protección de datos personales

Data Protection

Reducción de tiempos de espera

Reduction in Waiting Times

Optimización de inventario

Inventory Optimization

Productividad Laboral

Productividad Laboral

Optimización Logística

Logistic Optimization



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