Operational Efficiency with SmartBigData

Reduce costs and improve the quality of your operations

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Lower costs and more quality for your company

In businesses with intensive use of information systems, there is a huge difference between those who efficiently manage their operations and those who, for different reasons, do not. Today the use of advanced analytics allows early detection of errors that impact continuity but also quality, reducing possible sales or affecting conversion rates. Those who proactively realize situations of failure or edge can implement recovery strategies, allowing to resume an unfinished sale or better communicate to customers, generating virtuous circles.

With SmartBigData for Operational Efficiency you can detect failures and manage events to solve the funds problem, preventing it from happening again and intelligently resuming operations, allowing you to transform problems into opportunities. Leveraging real-time analytics capabilities and incorporating machine learning based on history, patterns, and anomalies, you will:

  • Reduce downtime and / or operating costs, and identify the potential use of your critical resources
  • Get ahead of possible impacts on lost sales, costs or quality, using predictive models and anomaly detection
  • Detect potential incidents early and automate tasks to begin cause investigation
  • Streamline the actions that allow to recover the service or reduce the impact

Küdaw helps companies unleash the value of their data with knowledge of the tools and use cases that accelerate time to profit. Küdaw can accompany your company with consulting, services and accelerating solutions for the business. Contact us to find out how Küdaw can help you develop your analytical superpower.

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- Configured platform
- Data loading programs (up to 5 sources)
- Analysis and exploration programs (up to 3 KPIs)
- Results dashboards (up to 3 designs)
- Documentation and tests
- Updates
- Support 5 * 8

Does not includes:
- Historical information upload
- Cloud consumption or third-party licenses

From USD 6.500 / month + taxes

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