Operacional Business Continuity with SmartBigData

Prevent the stoppage or failure of your critical services

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Avoid Stopping Operations in your Company

In today's world, companies rely on their computer systems. Our solutions aloows you to monitor, actuate and predict possible problems, helps ensure business continuity. Additionally, in case a problem occurs, you can act agile and quickly to solve it, as well as to mitigate its possible impacts.

With SmartBigData for Operational Continuity you can map the business services against the infrastructure and its more detailed components. You will take advantage of real-time analysis capabilities, including machine learning, based on history and regular events, achieving for your company to:

  • Anticipate the detection of possible incidents
  • Automate tasks to start cause investigation
  • Expedite actions to recover the service or reduce the impact
  • Have a complete view of the impact of a problem on a particular service, identifying promptly action courses 
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- Configured platform
- Data loading programs (up to 5 sources)
- Analysis and exploration programs (up to 3 KPIs)
- Operational dashboards (up to 3)
- Documentation and tests
- Updates
- 5 * 8 Support

Does not include:
- Loading of historical information .
- Cloud consumption or third-party licenses

From USD 6.500 / month+ taxes

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