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Observability as a Service with Splunk Observability Cloud & Kudaw Profesional Services

Monitoring tells us if the systems are working.
The observability allows answering why they do not work.

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Simplify and automate the operation, with a world-class observability service at your fingertips

Deliver high-performance applications and excellent experiences to your customers, with a world-class solution that allows a holistic and continuous analysis of your services, with automated resolution of events, incidents and problems.

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Splunk Observability Cloud Cutting through the complexity of modern applications

Companies must face a growing demand for having systems without failures, scalable, without interruptions and, in the event that these occur, have timely and adequate reaction and recovery mechanisms. To achieve this, it is necessary to analyze the data that the systems and their interactions leave over time, interconnecting different sources of information, such as metrics, traces, logs x user experience.

Until now, all these views used different solutions and the focus was on monitoring each of these dimensions of analysis. However, that is not enough today. It is necessary to quickly understand what is happening, and react as soon as possible to correct a solution in a timely manner. That is the difference between monitoring and observability.

Monitoring tells if systems are working. Observability allows you to answer why something is not working and take action in a timely manner.

Having observability capabilities implies being able to analyze multiple monitoring data, correlate them, and use advanced mechanisms that allow us to understand with little effort why a system is behaving in a certain way.

From Küdaw we offer you to enable these capabilities for your organization, with the best technology available today and with all the experience gathered in hundreds of data analytics projects to support your business. From the detection of anomalies, passing the determination of causes, to the management of effective solutions so that the problem is solved, giving continuity to your business.

The Splunk Observability Suite Solution integrates:

  • Unified Application Trace Analysis (APM)
  • Analysis of infrastructure metrics and logs (Infrastructure & Log Observer)
  • Customer Experience Metrics Analysis (RUM)
  • Research and data exploration without having to learn a complex query language
  • Support from professionals with high experience in this type of project

Küdaw helps companies unleash the value of their data with knowledge of the tools and use cases that accelerate time to profit. Küdaw can accompany your company with consulting, services and accelerating solutions for the business.

Contact us to find out how Küdaw can help you develop your analytical superpower.



  • Improve service quality. Avoid possible losses or negative impacts on image due to unavailability of services.
  • Feed your analytics in real time. Quickly and inexpensively integrate this valuable and accurate information for different real-time or delayed analysis.
  • Improves costs and operational efficiency. Detect, investigate, isolate and automate response to problems quickly and efficiently.

Architecture & components


Main funcionalities

  • Capture and make available data in real time, infrastructure, applications, logs and user experience of operational systems
  • Analyze activity from multiple points of view through a series of indicators and dashboards that accelerate decision making
  • Investigate, alert and respond to events that have an impact on the business
  • Manage alerts with the least impact on the business


Splunk Observability Suite


- Infrastructure Monitoring
- Application Analysis and Performance (APM)
- Audit of logs (Log Observer)
- User experience analysis (RUM)

From USD 330 / month + taxes

Mínimun 3 hosts 

Ask for other additional related services such as:

  • Monitoreo sintético (Splunk Synthetic Monitoring)
  • Gestión de incidentes Splunk OnCall (Splunk On-Call)
Servicios Profesionales Kudaw


- Professional observability services
- Consulting
- Medium
- Instrumentation Support
- Training

From USD 1.900 / week + taxes

The standard implementation requires app. 1 week of professional services

Professional Services subject to scope and duration agreement

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