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 Control your analytical and predictive superpower 

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Take advantage of the Analytical Superpower for your Company

The current scenario encourages the development and intensive use of technologies for handling large volumes of data originated from the company and its environment. You can be more involved with your customers, better understand their needs and preferences, make operations more efficient and evolve products and services.

The Azure cloud and its analytical tools allow comprehensive data management. Providing real-time analytical capabilities, use of machine learning techniques, protection and security mechanisms in one place, among other advanced features. With Azure you and your team can focus on business challenges, leaving the management and maintenance of complex analytical environments in the hands of experts.

Küdaw helps companies unleash the value of their data with knowledge of the tools and use cases that accelerate time to profit. Küdaw can accompany your company with consulting, services and accelerating solutions for the business. Contact us to find out how Küdaw can help you develop your analytical superpower.

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  • Use of a modern architecture, easy to administer
    Discover the freedom to view data on your own terms, using resources requested at scale
  • Put your data into action
    Lean on Küdaw to bring your data to life, to make decisions quickly with data-driven actions
  • Apply advanced models close to real time of the operation
    Use predictive analytics directly on operational repositories, to detect anomalies in the operation, carry out timely commercial actions or detect risks

Microsoft Azure Data and Analytics Solutions

Azure Synapse Analytics

It is an analytics service that brings together local or virtualized datalake storage and other sources, integrating data, scalable computing capabilities, and visualization facilities.

Azure Synapse brings these worlds together with a unified experience to ingest, explore, prepare, manage, and deliver information for immediate business intelligence and machine learning needs.

Azure Databricks 

Provides the latest versions of Apache Spark in an advanced and simpler to use environment. It enables you to quickly deploy clusters and build solutions, in a fully managed Apache Spark environment, with the global scale and availability of Microsoft Azure.

Clusters are installed, configured, and tuned to ensure reliability and performance without the need for monitoring.

Take advantage of scalability and automated operation to improve your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Servicios Profesionales Küdaw para Azure Data & Analytics


- Consulting analytical environments in Azure
- Integration with other data platforms and Big Data
- Implementation of analytical environments in Azure
- Integration of data to analytical tools
- Development of machine learning models by industry
- Specialized support

From USD 4.000 / week + taxes

Professional services are an important part of our clients' success as they allow you to get the most out of your investment in the Microsoft Azure analytics platform. Microsoft rates its partners for their capabilities to provide implementation, management, onboarding services through the Data Analytics competency certification program.

Küdaw has undergone rigorous training and certification examinations so that its professional services meet the highest level of demand and quality. In addition, Kudaw is a Microsoft Gold partner in the Data and Analytics competencies

Contact us to help you get the best benefits from this platform and choose the model that best suits your business strategy.

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