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We are Küdaw

Somos Kudaw

Launched in 2010 as a company dedicated to Big Data analysis, over time we have been integrating Artificial Intelligence to advanced analytics  to deliver solutions allowing our customers to enhance their businesses.

We are focused on supporting industries in  obtaining value of their data, real time and historical, regardless of the volume. We have carried out more than 300 successful projects, contributing to the generation of new opportunities.

Corporate culture

We promote internal collaboration, we believe in integral development, respect for people and the environment.


  • Collaboration

  • Innovation

  • Comprehensive development of people

  • Environmental care

  • Purposeful work


Meet our commercial team


Bernardo Aldea


Rubén Farias
Executive Director

Vivian Quezada

Vivian Quezada
VP of Sales

Luis O.jpg

Luis Osorio
Account Manager

Oscar M.

Oscar Muñoz
Account Manager


Andrea López
Commercial Assistant

Presencia mundial

"Küdaw, word recovered from Mapudungun, the language of the Mapuche people, whose meaning is work. Combines respect for the native peoples of Latin America and the deep meaning of work."

Bernardo Aldea
CEO Kudaw

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