Leak Prevention
with SmartBigData

Discover the reasons for your customers churn, define loyalty strategies and monitor the results of your churn management

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Apply advanced analytics and incremental methodology to determine the variables that trigger or impact attrition trends.

With SmartBigData for customer churn prevention you can use information from your own various operational systems, as well as unstructured information to better understand your customers. Taking advantage of advanced analytical capabilities you will be able to discover new findings based on history and regular events, achieving:

  • Discover the reasons why some customers leave your company
  • Go find customers similar to those who best adopt your products or services
  • Detect churn risks early based on data analysis
  • Define custom retention proposals according to risk types (discounts, up-sell, cross-sell)
  • Reduce the propensity to escape
  • Analyze the result of your retention strategies

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- Configured platform
- Data loading programs (up to 5 sources)
- Analysis and exploration programs (up to 3 KPIs)
- Operatioanl dashboards (up to 3)
- Documentation and tests
- Updates
- 5 * 8 Support 

Does not include:
- Loading of historical information .
- Cloud consumption or third-party licenses

From USD 6.500 / month + taxes

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