Fraud Detection with  SmartBigData

Detect unusual activities on clients and collaborators in real time

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Minimize your business losses

Apply advanced analytics and incremental methodology to detect anomalous situations that may implies effective risks or losses.

With SmartBigData for fraud prevention you can reinforce the security of your customers and collaborators transactions, analyzing not only what happens at the moment, but also considering previous related events, detecting unusual activity in a more comprehensive and proactive way.
With the loss risks insights you will be able to react in a timely manner enriching further analysis of future transactions with adaptive learning, generating automatic responses to verify or block access, and automating the initiation of investigation to know root causes.

  • Define healthy patterns by different cuts (ex: customer, segment, products)
  • Find anomalies in transaction characteristics, based on learning about history and regular events
  • Detect in real time unusual activities on clients and collaborators.
  • Reduce alert times to suspicious situations, even looking for twin cases of verified findings
  • Integrate additional security mechanisms
  • Analyze the results of your fraud prevention strategies
  • Generate automatic responses to verify or block access
  • Automate the initiation of the investigation to know the cause and the cause

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Prevención de fraude
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- Configured platform
- Data loading programs (up to 5 sources)
- Analysis and exploration programs (up to 3 KPIs)
- Operatioanl dashboards (up to 3)
- Documentation and tests
- Updates
- 5 * 8 Support 

Does not include:
- Loading of historical information .
- Cloud consumption or third-party licenses

From USD 6.500 / month + taxes

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