Flow and People Analysis

More and better information from your cameras

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Get much more out of your cameras

Improve the management of your stores, offices, public spaces or road infrastructure, using advanced video analytics models with artificial intelligence based on data from your cameras and sensors.
You can count the number of people, distinguish groups and classify visitors, among other features.

With our solutions you will be able to act early, either in the face of opportunities or risk situations.

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Complement your cameras, thermal cameras or sensors with new functionalities to obtain relevant information for the business.

  • Obtain and analyze the number of people in a public or private space (capacity)
  • Allows you to profile the visits to stores, protecting the identity and confidentiality of your customers
  • Optimize service through reduction of service times, store heat maps, optimization of the presence of service personnel, improvement of the conversion rate and productivity analysis of the store or office network
  • Reveals intrusions in prohibited areas or unusual flows of people
Contador de personas transporte

Automatically analyze video and sensor data. Detects anomalies, opportunities, risks and allows automated actions

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Visión computacional-1

Other computer vision solutions

  • Vehicle intrusion detection not allowed
  • Detects Smoke and / or Fire
  • Vehicle detection and classification
  • Detect incidents, stopped vehicles and traffic in the wrong direction
  • Detection of correct use of safety implements
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