Customer Analysis with SmartBigData

Acquire, deepen and retain your client portfolio

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Get to Know your Customers Better

Segment your client portfolio according to non-traditional and dynamic criterias, using variables that are often hidden into the data. You can use the information from your own systems and/or from multiple external sources, to better profile your clients, enabling targeted actions according to the needs you detect. You can analyze information in real time or deferred to discover relevant insigths from transactional information, product usage, external analysts, or data available on social networks.

With SmartBigData for customer analysis you can take advantage of real-time analysis capabilities, incorporating machine learning based on historical and real time data, achieving:

  • Profiling customers according to their habits and preferences and offer them what they want, need or looking for
  • Find customers similar to those who best adopt your products or services
  • Get ahead, offering your services proactively and in a personalized way
  • Reduce the propensity to abandon (churn)

Küdaw helps companies to unleash the value of their data, with tools knowledge as well as use cases that accelerate the benefits for your company. Küdaw can accompany your company with consulting, services and solutions that accelerate your business. Contact us to find out how Kudaw can help you develop your analytical superpower.

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- Configured platform
- Data loading programs (up to 5 sources)
- Analysis and exploration programs (up to 3 KPIs)
- Operatioanl dashboards (up to 3)
- Documentation and tests
- Updates
- 5 * 8 Support 

Does not include:
- Loading of historical information .
- Cloud consumption or third-party licenses

From USD 6.500 / month + taxes

Contact us to help you unleash the business value of this platform, with the deployment model that best suits your business strategy.