Business Transaction Monitoring

Streamlines investigation, analysis and resolution of transactional issues

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Real-time transactions capture and monitoring, directly from the network

Companies in the financial industry must face an explosive increase in transactions, due to changes in customer behavior. They requires more detailed levels of monitoring, transactional analysis and automation, in order to detect and respond to events in a timely manner, with deliver new levels of analysis.

Smart Big Data Allkun Capture quickly and accurately delivers a solution to gather financial transactions from the network without  impact transactional systems. Monitoring dashboards and transaction behavior indicators as key elements, you can automate business operations.

Features and benefits of the solution

Mejora Calidad de servicio

Improve the quality of service

Avoid possible losses or impact on the image due to unavailability of services.

Alimenta en tiempo real tu analítica transaccional.

Feed your transactional analytics in real time

Quickly and inexpensively integrate valuable and accurate information with your data systems for fraud analysis and commercial actions, in real time.

Mejora la eficiencia operacional.

Improves operational efficiency

Detect, investigate and isolate and automate response to problems quickly and efficiently. Lowering costs and supporting new levels of operation for an explosive increase in transactions.

Architecture and components

allkun capture_como_lo_hacemos
  • Capture and make information available on financial transactions in real time, for different channels and payment types, without interfering operational systems (supports ISO8583 bitmap, VISA / International Master, NDC +, Host2 protocols, among others)
  • Enrich data with complementary information such as geolocation, logs, business data, among others
  • Analyze transactions from multiple points of view through a series of indicators and a dashboard that accelerates decision making
  • Use artificial intelligence models to investigate, alert and respond to events that have a business impact
  • Manage a single point alerts, accelerating resolution with the lowest possible business impact
  • Analyze your data on multiple platforms, in order to expand solutions capabilities
  • Meets audit and regulatory requirements. Keep the detailed information of the entire transaction journey for audit, to achieve financial industry high standards (SSAE 18, PCI, GDPR, ISO27001)


Allkun Standard Capture

  • Capture from 1 Million messages per day.
  • 5x8 support
  • Integration with repository or DataLake (Azure / AWS / GCP / Elastic / Splunk Data Archive)
  • Includes 2 weeks of professional services for Installation and configuration

From USD 1.000 / month (*)



Allkun Enterprise Capture

  • Capture from 1 Million messages per day.
  • 7x24 support
  • Integration with repository or DataLake (Azure / AWS / GCP / Elastic / Splunk Data Archive)
  • Includes 4 weeks of professional services for installation and configuration
  • Includes Allkun Monitor (Dashboard preset with KPI)
  • Includes Allkun Event Manager

From USD 2.000 / month (*)

(*) Considering annual base contract

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Allkün Capture is licensed for the number of messages associated with a transaction, that are processed in a period of one day. A financial transaction can generate many messages, and processing systems such as transactional switches can generate multiple copies of these messages that must be analyzed. For licensing purposes, all associated messages must be considered.

Splunk license not included in the price.

Allkun Monitor Requires Splunk license, not included in subscription.