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Breakup with Chatbots

Amelia is the most humane AI to serve your customers. She can converse by voice, text, chat, and more, achieving high resolution and satisfaction rates.

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Improve your Customer Service in the most convenient way

Amelia is the most comprehensive conversational AI agent on the market. Her customers and employees communicate with her through natural language (voice or chat) to resolve support issues or ask questions. She responds quickly and performs tasks by connecting to back-office applications. Amelia efficiently delivers relevant and personalized information, freeing humans to focus on higher-value tasks.

Amelia has years of experience with some of the best brands in the world, in multiple industries. She invites you to explore her extensive skills for her business case.

Chatbot Amelia
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91% satisfaction

Amelia is more than a chatbot: she is a fully engaged Digital Employee ™. With her cognitive abilities, she delivers high levels of customer satisfaction. More than nine out of ten consumers in a European bank rated Amelia's service as good or very good.

93% resolution

Using Amelia as part of a hybrid digital-human workforce results in higher resolution rates at first contact. Accurately handles 93% of requests from an international hotel company.

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