BigData and Artificial Intelligence Acceleration Program

Küdaw offers an update workshop that seeks to give you a broad vision of what is coming in Artificial Intelligence for your company and your business context

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In an interactive session, we will help you by reviewing technologies, methodologies, techniques, use cases and implications of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for your company and for the industry. Our instructors will deliver their experience and the best practices used by Küdaw.

We focus on solving real problems by leveling off the concepts involved.

A unique opportunity, so you can take your company to the maximum taking advantage of the digital transformation.

Who is it for?

Aimed at: Business managers interested in obtaining competitive advantages for their company, through the use of the powerful BigData and Artificial Intelligence tools.

Approach: The program contemplates a review of the useful concepts to know regarding Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, from a practical, methodological perspective and with real use cases by industry.

Duration: 4 hours or half a day.

Industries: Financial Services, Mass Consumption, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Utilities

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About Küdaw

With more than 200 projects carried out, Küdaw is a leader in the design and implementation of business solutions based on BigData and Artificial Intelligence.

With the vertiginous digital transformation of society comes Big Data, which contains new ways to obtain large amounts of data, such as text, audio, video, among others, where we apply machine learning and data correlation that allows machines to be able to do what humans do naturally and immediately: "Understand and Interpret Data." You will learn examples and recommendations for practical application in customer segmentation techniques, anomaly detection and service and product recommendation systems.


1.- BigData & Artificial Intelligence

  • Basic concepts
  • AI and BD applications
  • Relevance in business
  • Implications to consider

2.-Interactive Work Session

  • Relevant use cases
  • Potential applications for your industry
  • Requirements analysis
  • Capability analysis
  • Adoption methodology and strategies
  • General planning
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